usage: apps_profile [-h] [-s SETTINGS]
                    [--log-level {OFF,DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,ERROR,CRITICAL}]
                    [--trust-env] [--stack-trace] [-j] [--name NAME]
                    [--affiliation AFFILIATION] [--address ADDRESS]
                    [--compression-preference {gz,bz2,Z}]
                    [--archive-preference {tar,zip}] [--keep-source-files]
                    [--disable-keep-source-files] [--no-prompt-processing]
                    [--disable-no-prompt-processing] [--email-notify]
                    [--disable-email-notify] [--timezone TIMEZONE]

Named Arguments

-s, --settings

APPS configuration parameters, including access credentials. See the website, to download this file. Default: ~/.apps_settings

Default: “~/.apps_settings”



Set the logging level, OFF is silent and DEBUG is the highest verbosity. Default: OFF

Default: OFF


Trust environment settings for proxy configuration, default authentication and similar. Default: False

Default: False


Allow exceptions to propagate out. Default: False

Default: False

-j, --json

Print all output in json format to facilitate machine parsing of command returns. If not enabled some commands will attempt to print status information in a more human friendly format. Default: False

Default: False


Name of the primary account point-of-contact.


Company or organization this account is affiliated with.


The mailing address associated with the account.


Possible choices: gz, bz2, Z

Result files will be compressed using this format.


Possible choices: tar, zip

Result files will be aggregated and archived using this format.


Retain source data after processing has completed. Source data will be retrievable.


Do not wait for user review and authorization, once data has been verified, just automatically process it.


Send an email once submitted GNSS data has been processed and results are available. This can be overridden on individual submissions.


The timezone that all times, other than GNSS times will be output in.


List the valid timezone option strings.

Default: False


$ apps_profile