Permanently delete submissions, submission flags or user alerts from APPS. by uuid, name or state selector. APPS will not automatically remove submissions from the system after users retrieve results. It is up to the users to explicitly delete data from APPS.

Submissions may be selected for deletion by:
  • uuid

  • name

  • state

Submission, or data flags and user alerts can be selected for deletion by:
  • uuid

  • level

  • header string


usage: apps_delete [-h] [-s SETTINGS]
                   [--log-level {OFF,DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,ERROR,CRITICAL}]
                   [--trust-env] [--stack-trace] [-j] [-a] [--flag] [-f]
                   [--no-progress] [--strict]
                   D [D ...]

Positional Arguments


The selector specifying the data(s), flag(s) or alert(s) to delete. Selectors for flags or alerts are the object’s UUIDs. Valid data selectors are universal data identifiers in the form XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX, data name strings, the shortcut ‘all’ for all data, or one of the following states: [‘Nascent’, ‘Submitted’, ‘Verified’, ‘Approved’, ‘Waiting’, ‘Queued’, ‘Error’, ‘Processing’, ‘Done’, ‘Available’, ‘Retrieved’]

Named Arguments

-s, --settings

APPS configuration parameters, including access credentials. See the website, to download this file. Default: ~/.apps_settings

Default: “~/.apps_settings”



Set the logging level, OFF is silent and DEBUG is the highest verbosity. Default: OFF

Default: OFF


Trust environment settings for proxy configuration, default authentication and similar. Default: False

Default: False


Allow exceptions to propagate out. Default: False

Default: False

-j, --json

Print all output in json format to facilitate machine parsing of command returns. If not enabled some commands will attempt to print status information in a more human friendly format. Default: False

Default: False

-a, --alert

Delete selected alerts. Alerts can be selected by ID, level or header string.

Default: False


Delete selected data flags. If more than one selector is given, the first will be assumed to be a data selector. Flags can be selected by ID, level or header string.

Default: False

-f, --force

Never prompt for deletion confirmation.

Default: False


Turn off the delete progress indicator.

Default: False


Abort if any data selectors do not match data.

Default: False


For example, force deletion of all submissions in the Retrieved:

$ apps_delete --force retrieved
Deleted data [ azu10470.17o.Z | 22e53d22-64fe-11e8-873c-e0db5501adf2 ]
Deleted data [ aber0470.17o.Z | 6c8f9c52-c029-11e8-9544-e0db5501adf2 ]
Deleted data [ ankr0470.17o.Z (1) | 23388eee-7b12-11e8-a8f5-e0db5501adf2 ]