Welcome to the Automatic Precise Positioning Service (APPS) of the Global Differential GPS (GDGPS) System!

APPS accepts GPS measurement files, and applies the most advanced GPS positioning technology from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to estimate the position of your GPS receivers, whether they are static, in motion, on the ground, or in the air. APPS employs:

  • Real-time GPS orbit and clock products from JPL’s GDGPS System

  • JPL’s daily and weekly precise GPS orbit and clock products

  • JPL’s GipsyX/RTGx software for processing the GPS measurements

APPS continues to provide JPL’s pioneering AutoGIPSY (AG) service - for free, (data volume limits apply, and certtain features exluced). Services include:

  • Static point positioning

  • Kinematic point positioning for receivers in motion

  • Access to real-time GPS orbit and clock products so you never have to wait

  • APPS is fast. Positioning is available in seconds for many common applications

  • Python API to automate your uploads

Fly-Land-Send - APPS will estimate your flight trajectory within minutes after submission.

APPS supports a diverse customer base, from occasional users to heavy-duty industrial users. Occasional users may upload their measurement files manually through this web site. Heavy-duty users may opt to use our WebService or Python API, which they can use upload their measurement files, and more easily automate their processing.

APPS supports input in RINEX 2, RINEX 2.11, and RINEX 3 input files

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Python Library

How to use the Python Library, including automation and command line usage


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Under the Hood

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