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The Automatic Precise Point Positioning Service of the Global Differential GPS System
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How To Use APPS Native WebService API


APPS provides a well-structured RESTful interface that enables users to build their own applications ontop of APPS. For scripting or simple use cases, we provide a python library that simplifies automated APPS usage. For more advanced uses or if you require a language other than python, you may want to use the Web API directly.

Documentation for the interface is available in two formats (you need to be registered and logged in to view them):

  • Open API is a Document Object Model for representing Web APIs with an ecosystem of supporting software tools. More information about Open API can be found here.
  • Open API/Redoc is an interactive user friendly rendering of the Open API specification.

The APPS Web API uses the emerging IETF Message Signatures standard for authentication and authorization of user requests. Each user is issued a unique key and secret that can be used to compute an hmac of specific headers on the HTTP request.

Additional support is available for industrial and/or high volume uses. Please contact us via email.

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