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The Automatic Precise Point Positioning Service of the Global Differential GPS System
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Welcome to APPS!
The Automatic Precise Positioning Service
of the Global Differential GPS (GDGPS) System.

  APPS accepts GPS measurement files and uses the most advanced GPS positioning technology from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to perform precise point positioning of your GPS receivers, whether they are static, in motion, on the ground, or in the air. APPS employs:
  • Real-time GPS orbit and clock products from JPL's GDGPS System
  • JPL's daily and weekly precise GPS orbit and clock products
  • JPL's GipsyX/RTGx software for processing the GPS measurements
  APPS continues to provide JPL's state-of-the-art AutoGIPSY (AG) service as a public utility with data volume limitations and certain features excluded. Services include:
  • Static point positioning
  • Kinematic point positioning for receivers in motion
  • Access to real-time GPS orbit and clock products so you never have to wait
  • APPS is fast and precise positioning results are available in seconds for many common applications

  • Python API to automate your uploads
  Fly-Land-Send - APPS will estimate your flight trajectory within minutes after submission.
  APPS supports a diverse customer base ranging from science to commercial users.
  APPS supports RINEX 2, RINEX 2.11 and RINEX 3 formats.
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